Frequently Asked Questions

What is an antique?
Technically, it is an item at least 100 years old, however there are exceptions. There are many items made in the 20th Century which have value. For instance Tiffany did some of his finest work in the early 1900’s.Much glassware that was produced in the depression era and after is fine quality and holds a value. Some of the newer glassware is still desirable.. A good rule of thumb is if it was a quality item when it was new it will still hold a good value. Please call us and/or email pics to inquire.

What kind of antiques do you buy?
We buy many antiques and collectibles, however almost anything after 1960? is not for our customers. We will buy the items that are listed on our Services Page in addition to many others.

What’s it worth?
You can search for sold items on the Internet and find out what prices have been realized. Marks and condition are very important. Any item with damage has compromised value. We offer an appraisal service for a fee. If your item Is not worth appraising we will not charge you. If you want to sell the item we will make you a fair offer if we are interested. It is unethical to appraise an item and then make an offer to purchase it. We try to determine your needs and work with you.

Is it a reproduction?
Where did you get it? How long have you had it? Have you had it professionally appraised? Many reproductions are being manufactured which hurts the value of the original items.

How do you determine the price you will pay?
We pay fair market value. We subscribe to many trade publications and stay apprised of current values including the precious metals market.